Insurance and Payment Information

National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1417462409

PA License: 35313601


Barberry Ridge Home Health Long Term Support Services are considered in-network with the following Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)/Insurers:

  • Long-Term Care Insurance (contact us for network information)
  • Worker's Compensation (contact us for network information)
  • Pennsylvania Community HealthChoices
    • AmeriHealth Caritas

    Medical Assistance Waiver Programs

    Barberry Ridge Home Health is a participating provider for the following programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services' (DHS) Office of Long-Term Living’s Home and Community-based Services Medical Assistance (MA) program:

    • Aging Waiver
    • Attendant Care Waiver
    • Independence Waiver
    • OBRA Waiver
    • Act 150
    • Community HealthChoices

    Private Pay

    Barberry Ridge Home Health can accommodate the following self funded payment arrangements:

    • Monthly billing secured with a credit card
    • Prepayment on account
    • Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (banking fees apply)

    Please contact us at (412) 536-1871 if you have other benefits not listed.  We are often able to assist or provide in-network for others.