Home Healthcare in Wexford, PA

Barberry Ridge Home Health clients in Wexford, PA and expect the same great level of services offered in other areas while taking advantage of the area's unique offerings like Soergels Orchard and Shenot Farm.  These are perfect destinations to add to the list when planning a day with your elderly loved one.  There are also a number of regularly scheduled events events our home healthcare staff can attend with your senior at the nearby Northland Public Library.

Wexford's proximity to North Park affords a number of home healthcare activity options for your Barberry Ridge Home Health caregiver and senior.  They include a slow drive through the center of North Park where the scenery includes a great view of North Park Lake.  Also available are flat, wheelchair accessible trails for a carefree stroll.

Whether you're a caregiver or are just concerned about your senior's wellbeing, give us a call today to discuss options ranging from activity planning to personal care including assistance bathing and personal hygiene.