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Client success with quality of life objectives is a goal we have in place for every member of staff assigned to you or  your loved one.  We will be there with you, your family and others involved with care every step of the way to make life as easy as possible.  While this is something we take very seriously, we also enjoy the process and like to have fun along the way.  It’s not only important for our staff to provide the needed services but the relationships we establish as a result often become just as critical as the care.  The following services and more could be part of your individualized care plan recommendation:

Our Staff and skilled Caregivers

For staff and caregivers at Barberry Ridge Home Health, caring for you or your loved one isn’t just a job.  They have chosen a career that rewards with loving relationships and the satisfaction of knowing each day they are making life better for clients, families and the community. These rewards attract our caregivers to the field and are what drives them as they work through intense training, background/health checks.

Common Aspects and Specialties of Barberry Ridge Home Health

  • Senior Care - While Barberry Ridge Home Health serves adult clients of all ages, senior care accounts for a large part of the needs we meet in the communities we serve.  It is also something our staff is passionate about as we select, onboard and train new caregivers.
  • Technology, Collaboration and Communication - At Barberry Ridge Home Health we recognize that it takes a village to support clients through the stages of life that require care outside of what family and friends can provide.  Communication collaboration is provided both through our operational technology/software and any time you or your loved one would like to contact us.  The ability to provide family with near real-time access to schedule, appointment and visit notes such as arrival/departure times and activity/status detail is available upon client request through our solutions.

What's Next?

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