Home Care Client Success: Jillian

Jillian and "Detour"

Jillian and "Detour"

Occasionally clients of Barberry Ridge Home Health wish to share their stories here in the Home Care Client Success section of our site.

We first met Jillian when she was a young woman in transition.  The loss of her service dog of 13 years named Daytona, a move to independent living in her own apartment and training her new service dog left a gap in care.  This prompted her to call Barberry Ridge Home Health for help. 

Working from a plan of care developed with Jillian's help, her caregiver was able to step in fulfilling requests along with other goals and wishes. For example, through trial and error, the caregiver and Jillian were able to work out with local gas stations a call ahead procedure so when she arrives to purchase gasoline, there is someone waiting to assist significantly reducing her wait times.  The same protocol is also used for shopping and prescription pickup allowing her to spend more time doing what she loves which is riding Detour, her horse at a local boarding stable. 

With many of her goals met and home care help needed less frequently, we check in regularly and will be there through any other transitions if needed.  Jillian's story demonstrates how home care is neither permanent or just for seniors and the elderly.  Its use during a transitional times like striking out on your own or returning from the hospital or a facility can make a significant difference in quality of life for you or a loved one.  

Barberry Ridge Home Health helps adults and seniors of all ages remain at home by providing in-home care ranging from providing companionship and housekeeping to assistance with activities of daily life like bathing, dressing and getting to medical appointments.  If you or a loved one need assistance remaining at home or need additional help with life inside a facility, give Barberry Ridge Home Health a call at (412) 536-1871 or visit us online at www.barberryridge.com.