Is Your Parent's Time and Place Confusion Normal or a Sign of Alzheimer's? 


Everyone has had a moment when they were unsure of what time it was, got confused about the day, or even got turned around when trying to get somewhere.

Instances of experiencing this might increase some with age, but as a family caregiver, it is important to understand that if this happens frequently or is serious, it may be a sign that your aging parent could be in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Occasional, mild confusion of place and time is normal, but if your aging parent shows signs of more serious confusion, it may be time to get in touch with your parent's doctor to discuss the possibility of Alzheimer's disease. Some signs to look out for include:

  • Frequently losing track of the days.
  • Not knowing what month it is.
  • Believing it is a different year than it actually is.
  • Not recognizing the passing of the seasons. 
  • Not being able to determine the passing of time such as how long it has been since something  has happened, or how far in the future an event is.
  • Difficulty understanding something that is not immediate.
  • Dressing, decorating or otherwise preparing for holidays that are several months ahead.
  • Believing that they have not spoken to you in a long time when it has only been a short time, or that they have recently spoken to someone who they have not spoken to in months or years.
  • Frequently getting "turned around" or lost in familiar places or when going to familiar places.
  • Not knowing where they are or how they got there.
  • Not knowing how to get somewhere they have been before or how to explain to someone how to get somewhere.
  • Wandering. 

Starting senior care for your aging parent can be one of the best decisions that you can make for them during the course of your care journey. Having a senior home care services provider in the home with your aging parent can ensure that they have ongoing access to the care, support, and assistance that they need to manage their individual needs, challenges, and limitations in the ways that are right for them while also respecting the care that you give them on a regular basis.

This means that your parent can stay healthy, safe, comfortable, and happy while also pursuing a lifestyle that is as active, engaged, and independent as possible throughout their later years. As their family caregiver, this will give you confidence and peace of mind that your senior will get everything that they need both when you are with them and when you are not.

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